Hoskins & Associates

Psychologist Erik Erikson designed the phrase Identity Crisis to describe a situation where development leads to different ways of evaluating oneself.  Our office is experiencing an identity non-crisis. We are moving through a period of development but have emerged as an office with several different tasks but one primary goal: total client satisfaction.

Since our founding in 2004, Hoskins & Associates has prided itself on a commitment to client service and the ability to meet client needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. We possess the experience and the qualifications to assist organizational clients in  managing programs and working with families in transition, especially those working within the courts and justice system.

Our office was originally founded as a law office that focused on working with families in need of representation in court and later, working with families with young children to create estate plans. Over the last several years, our focus has shifted quite a bit and we now concentrate on training, facilitating and consulting. Interested in being a socially conscious enterprise, we are able to reach many more people with our redefined focus and have been able to assist our clients with making positive changes both personally and professionally.